My most popular poem is 9 lines long.

Back when I was writing poetry on tumblr, I wrote a very short poem sometime in 2013/2014. It went like this:

I think
What you and I
Have in common
Is that we both run
From our problems;
But you ran
To the ends of the earth,
While I just ran
In circles.

That poem currently has 1,528 notes, and I still get notified of likes and reblogs to this day. A humbling number to more established poets, but to me, that poem was one of my greatest victories.

I have a hard time writing raw and quick like that now; I used to sit in my best friend’s kitchen and diddle up poems in 5 minutes while we were talking over tea. I guess over time I became less relatable; more Hyde and less Plath. I don’t know what makes a great poet, to be honest. There are few that I enjoy reading these days. I’m beginning to think it’s all chance.