Day by Day

If I didn’t hate, hate, hate,
What would I have to love?
If I didn’t go day by day
In situations I don’t want,
Then how would I make myself
Into something else
Better than what I was.

If I didn’t move so slow,
Maybe I’d catch a train
To somewhere wonderful –
And I’ll keep running away
Until I feel nothing,
Day by day.

I make homes out of bed sheets,
Lovers and small things,
Like the way that the birds sing
In the afternoon.
And if I keep living this way,
Day by day,
I will wash away

And drown.

Day by day, I hate hate hate
The gray in the mornings
And the traffic after 3;
Day by day, I will complain
And not change a thing.

And day by day, I will die this way,
Mundane and drunk,
Completely bottled up,
Living paycheck to paycheck,
In debt and on the cusp
Of a breakdown,
Any minute now,
I’m going to blow up – –

But day by day I spend with you,
I feel okay when I’m with you.
I hate, hate, hate,
A little less when I’m with you.